Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Laser Masters Worlds Day Six: The final podium spot to be decided tomorrow

Michael McIntyre (Star Gold medalist), Wolfgang Gertz and I study the tides

Today Scott Ferguson put a lock on another Masters Worlds title. There is a three way battle for the final podium spot to be decided on the last day between myself, Christian Pedersen, (Denmark), and Al Clark (Canada).

Today was another day of fickle winds and building tides on the Hayling Bay. After a two hour delay and one abandon race, we were able to get in a race in a 5-6 knot westerly breeze. Al Clark was the runaway winner showing exceptional speed in the light wind.

Unlike the shore breeze from the previous two days, the wind for the second race was from the sea breeze direction. The days are getting colder and not warm enough for the seabreeze to fully develop. Being late in the day, it soon deteriorated into psychotic patterns. One minute we were fully hiking; the next virtually becalmed. Added to that mix was the Grand Masters fleet which the race committee in their ultimate wisdom started just as we approached the first leeward gate. It was frustrating to say the least having twice the number of boats (100) all drifting around with the tide, seeming to be going nowhere. I don't know why this race was not abandoned.

Last leeward mark rounding I past these three boat at the finish to preserve a 4th place

Tomorrow's forecast is for 15-18 knots from the southwest, similar to the first day of the regatta. It will be full-on in every sense of the word and really exciting racing.

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